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Creating The Full Range Of Employment And Noncompete Agreements

Employment contracts are essential to any business enterprise in which confidential information must be protected. At the Olen Law Office, we work closely with employers to draft realistic and enforceable employment contracts that protect your company's competitive advantage. We address myriad employment issues such as:

  • Is there a need to place restrictions on an employee after he or she starts a job?
  • Will important information be at stake that could hurt your company if an employee leaves for a competitor? Do you need to protect your workforce from poaching by former employees?

Preventing and Resolving Employment Contract Disputes

We work with business law clients to evaluate the business interests that must be protected so that employers can use employment contracts effectively. We assist with personnel, vendor and customer contracts.

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Developing Effective, Enforceable Noncompete Agreements

All too often, employers overreach their actual business interests by imposing unreasonable geographic limitations or time frames on employees in noncompete agreements. By putting unreasonable restrictions in covenants to not compete, employers invite costly contract disputes that can be harmful to their legitimate business interests. Careful evaluation of business needs and clear, reasonable restrictions in noncompete agreements can reduce your chance of ending up in court to resolve an employment or other personnel contract dispute.

Attorney Elliot Mark Olen will help you understand how the courts have interpreted noncompete agreements and employment contracts in the past. We will also assist you in drafting agreements that discourage employees or contractors from taking your clients or personnel away. These types of approaches can aid you in drafting a noncompete agreement that is both enforceable in court and includes effective deterrents to violation such as imposing monetary damages.

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