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Drafting and Enforcing Business Contracts

At the Olen Law Office, our first concern is protecting our clients and their business interests. Most often this occurs through careful contract drafting and review of business contracts, as well as the enforcement of contracts through business litigation or arbitration.

How a contract is drafted determines how effectively it can be enforced. Careful review of business goals in the earliest stages of the business relationship is crucial. Thorough, accurate contract drafting and preparation of the contract prior to signing can prevent business litigation at a later date — or can set the stage for you to win your case in court.

Before you draft, change, or sign a contract, get in touch with our Bucks County law firm today. Call 215-943-5343 or email us to get started. Some reasons why?

Entering Into a Contract Without A Lawyer's Review Can Lead To Problems

The biggest mistake many business owners make is to take a competitor's contract or someone else's contract, sometimes from another industry even. And it could not cover the specific points you need to factor in. They use it for their own purposes without having a lawyer review it. That contract may not meet your business goals and/or may be poorly drafted, exposing you to unwanted liability and leaving you without proper remedy should a breach of contract occur.

We will review your business goals and establish or revise any contract you want in light of legal requirements, liability issues, jurisdictional questions, enforcement issues, and your particular needs. Contracts are not "one size fits asll" or standard. Every contract can be negotiated.

We advise clients on these and other issues when addressing a variety of business contracts and related matters. Whether drafting, analyzing, revisiting, planning ahead, and reacting to/negotiating events as they occur, we can help. Here are just some of the services Olen Law clients have come to depend on us for:

  • Contracts and non compete agreements (letters of intent, sale of business, employment and independent contractors)
  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure agreements (letters of intent, sales agreements, due diligence, requests for proposals and responses, termination agreements)
  • Shareholder/Member/Partnership and Profit Participation Operating agreements
  • Ownership agreements (LLC; corp.; partnership, joint venture, trusts
  • Customer contracts (product sale, equipment sale & lease, profit participation, subcontracting, manufacturing, distribution licensing)
  • Vendor and contractor agreements ( construction, outsourcing, IP)
  • Personnel contracts and consents - employees and independent contractors

The Importance of Jurisdiction

Many business people do not realize how important jurisdiction is in a business contract. Contract disputes, collection, and damage claims often must be litigated in the jurisdiction specified under its terms. That could be anywhere! It likely is not a convenient place or process for you. While the law in the state in which you operate may provide certain protections in contract and damage disputes, the law in the state in which your business dispute will be heard - as stated in your contract - may be quite different. You could even be forced into arbitration; either way in a foreign jurisdiction, needing travel arrangements and local lawyers. You could end up with thousands of dollars spent on unrecoverable litigations expenses ranging from lawyers and court costs to travel and lodging. Those are often out of pocket, win or lose.

Protecting Our Clients — Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Arbitration

Arbitration can be expensive, since you have to pay both an attorney and a trained arbitrator. In Court you just pay filing and an occasional service or subpoena fee. Forcing witnesses to testify is tough. "Discovery" (the chance to see the other side's hand before trial) is limited and hard to force. There is no guarantee your issue will be resolved to your satisfaction. The result is likely not appealable with any success. That means lawyer-arbitrator relationships need so much concern, you could easily be on th3e wrong side of that divide. Winning money is the biggest reason arbitration can be so expensive and incomplete. Mr. Olen is available to serve as your company's ongoing business contract adviser to identify potential jurisdictional and choice of law issues that may impact or compromise your interests. If arbitration must be agreed, we can recommend ways to make it less negative of an experience. Finally, even if you win, you still may need to have your winning verdict entered as a court order. Without that, it is unenforceable.

Where arbitration can be helpful or necessary, reserve your rights to maximize positive outcomes in those "out-of-town" fights. Mr. Olen prepares cases and drafts contracts with anticipated common disputes in mind, ensuring you have leverage in a court of law should a dispute arise that you determine cannot be resolved through compromise (acceptable to you).

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