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No matter how well you plan, how many procedures you have in place or how perfectly your business contracts have been written, at some point in the life of your business a dispute will arise that requires the help of a lawyer.

Will the lawyer you choose improve the situation for your business? Or will he or she become part of the problem?

At the Olen Law Office, we help our business clients make the hard decisions about whether and how to pursue resolution to a breach of contract or business law dispute. Our goal for every client is to minimize the need for litigation, to encourage settlement and to obtain results.

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Should You Go to Court?

If you're considering hiring a lawyer, the problem is serious. But is it so serious that your only or best option is to go to court? That's the first decision a good business lawyer will help you make. Because even if you win, the cost of winning may outweigh the benefit.

Attorney Elliot Mark Olen has been trying business cases in court for over 30 years. His extensive knowledge of contract law and experience in Pennsylvania civil courts enable him to advise clients on the benefits and risks of business litigation in your particular case:

  • Can the other side afford a legal battle? Can you?
  • Is there a possibility of settlement?
  • Is money the only issue? Or is there a message to be sent by taking the case to trial?

Many lawyers don't want to settle. It's not in their interest to end a case too early. But at the Olen Law Office, we seek the most cost-effective solution that respects our clients' bottom line.

Issues to Consider in Business Disputes

  • Plan ahead: Do you have a clear understanding of the critical terms in your agreements or contracts? What was not mentioned in the contract is often as important as what was. Does the agreement state what happens if one side violates the agreement? How can you prove oral agreement terms or changes in terms when they were contained in multiple documents or letters?
  • Assess your exposure: What is the minimum and maximum financial risk? Are there nonfinancial risks to litigation? What are the issues that may be raised?
  • Right to trial: Do you have a right to a trial, and if so, by a jury? Or must you engage in arbitration?

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